Our Mission & Goals

The Southern California Futbol Association (SCFA) exists to promote the health and physical fitness of adults through organized events, amateur competition, and education.

Our goal is to provide a first class, well organized, and respectful soccer league for various adult age groups in which they can compete with peers and receive recognition for their efforts and achievements in an atmosphere of friendship and support. Furthermore, we encourage adults to undertake and continue participating in a health and fitness oriented lifestyle. Lastly, we want to focus public attention on the importance of regular exercise as a way to achieve and preserve better health for adults.

The SCFA consists of several adult soccer leagues serving both Los Angeles and Ventura County. Each division consists of two seasons per year; Winter, Spring, and a Summer Cup. In addition, the SCFA hosts a League Cup tournament which runs monthly starting in October and ending in March. The league cup format is very similar to the English League FA Cup in that the teams in the various division are distributed randomly into groups. After group stages, the advancing teams go directly into a knock-out phase until we have a League Cup champion. All games are played on Sunday morning, starting as early as 7:15am and ending before 1 pm.

Contact Information
Director, Scheduling: Alberto Schroth alberto@socalfutbol.org 818-796-3474
Calabasas Field Coordinator Marco Campillo mcampillo10@gmail.com 818-207-4196
Referee Assignors Alex Gorin gorinint81@yahoo.com 818-625-4863
Referee Assignors Jack Baptista baptistajack@yahoo.com 310-619-4527

Mailing Address: 22704 Ventura Blvd #422, Woodland Hills, CA 91364
Office Phone: 818-796-3474