Player Registration Summary

The player ID card identifies you to the referee as a verified registrant of the SCFA. Registered card holders are granted limited privileges which includes game play access, as well as secondary medical insurance. The player ID card also confirms the registration process has been completed, the player's age has been verified, and that all forms have been read and acknowledged. In the unhappy event that a player receives a RED CARD. The referee will retain the ID card(s) for post-game disposition.

Player Registration Process

In order to obtain a player ID Card, each player must either generate an account online, or fill out the Player Registration form (click here to download) . In order to expedite the Player ID card generation, the following online form can be used to upload a copy of an age verification document and a color head shot photo. Player ID cards will then be given to team managers for distribution or shipped individually.

The preferred photo format is "jpeg". All photos will be stored for future player ID card requests. All verification documents are immediately deleted once age verification has been completed. In either case, all uploaded documents are encrypted while they exist on our server.

Player Age Verification File Upload

The list of valid picture IDs is as follows:

  • Valid AZ Driver's License or AZ I.D. Card
  • Valid photo passport from any country
  • Valid photo Driver's License from any U.S. state
  • Valid photo Military I.D.
  • Valid Border Crossing Card (Mexico or Canada)
  • Valid Canadian photo Driver's License or ID Card
  • Valid Mexican Voter's ID Card