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1. Soccer Association

a. In the process of getting a non-profit (Karl)

b. Current Structure

i. Over 40 Div 1 - 10 Teams

ii. Over 40 Div 2 - 8 Teams

iii. Over 48 Div 1 - 3 Teams

iv. Approx. 360 members

c. Near Future (end of 2015)

i. Over48 - grow to 10 teams

ii. Over40 - grow 4-6 teams

iii. Over30 teams to come under the association (8 teams)

iv. Boca Junior Youth Group

1. U12 - 3 teams (Mid and East Valley)

2. U14 - 2 teams (some in Beverly Hills, LA area)

3. U16 - 2 teams

v. Boca Junior Adult teams in each age division

2. Recreational

a. In-house league

i. LA Soccer Club Teams

ii. BJ Teams

iii. 3-5 coaches - which have teams

iv. 2000 Members à 100 teams

v. To include the adult teams in support of the youth

vi. Exponential growth if we have girls, indoor facilities,

1. Need one flagship location, 2-3 sub locations

vii. Father and son games at the same locations

b. Major Challenges

i. Finding weekday fields

ii. Finding the flag ship location for the league

c. Getting to the 100 teams will required weekday permits

d. Xxx

3. Club (which I fed by the in house league)

a. Coast League


4. Academy

5. xxx

6. USL

a. PDL

b. USL 2

c. USL 1

7. MLS

8. Boca Junior Academy


9. Ring Central - phone within a phone

a. This allows for everyone in the league, that gets paid to have an official league phone number and email address

b. Allow for send and receive fax through the phone and

c. I can get rid of my AT&T phone service at home and use Ring Central

d. Offers operator services - press 1 for max, 2 for hell, 3 for the girlfriend

e. The argument against the mask approach - received emails go into their own inbox and not mixed in with the personal emails and spam

f. Google enterprise systems shows who's on line and who's not.

10. Team Snap - online smart phone program designed to run scheduling for clubs and teams

11. Need to trademark the name and art generated online

12. Talk to a lawyer on what's protected

13. Attorney legal service - $17/month

a. 30 min free consultation per day


The latest copy of the SCFA League Rules can be found by clicking here.


The current FIFA laws will govern play for all divisions with the following exceptions:

League Administration

The Southern California Futbol Association (SCFA) shall be administered by the League Director. The league Director reserves the right to make any changes that are deemed necessary for the betterment of the league and its participants. This includes modifications and changes to player suspensions.

Team Registration and Association Membership Dues

All teams are required to maintain a $100 SCFA Membership Bond with the league. (coming in 2018)

  • These funds will be kept in a separate bank account.
  • These funds will be refunded to any club that exits the league in good standings.
  • Funds will be used to offset costs such as game cancellations and red cards.
  • Clubs on probation or who demonstrate bad behavior, as deemed by the league director or the disciplinary committee, may require a larger club membership deposit.
  • Teams kicked out of the league for bad behavior may forfeit their membership deposits.
  • Membership Dues: All clubs must pay their quarterly dues to maintain their membership within the SCFA
    1. Quarterly Due Dates: March 1st, June 1st, September 1st and December 1st.
    2. Late Fee: A $50 late fee shall be applied for membership dues received more than 15 days after the quarterly date.


Players are prohibited from playing for more than one team in the same division under any circumstance and must be on their team's official roster to be eligible. Each team will be required to submit a roster showing player names. The SCFA will manage this list and post updates online.

Over-35 Division

In the 35+ League, all participants must be at least 35 years of age or older anytime during the current year.

Over-40 Division

In the 40+ League, participants must be 40 years of age or older anytime during the current year.

  • Exception: For any game day, each team is allowed two players under 40, but at least 36 years of age anytime during the current year.

Masters Division (over-48)

In the Masters Division, participants must be 48 years of age or older at the time of player(s) registration.

  • Exception #1: For any game day, each team is allowed three (3) players under 48, but at least 45 years of age anytime during the current year.
  • Exception #2: For any game day, each team is allowed one (1) player goalie under 48, but at least 40 years of age anytime during the current year.


The list of suspended players will be posted on the League's website and emailed to all team managers. It is the responsibility of each team manager to know who is not eligible on his/her team. If a suspended player(s) participates in a game, all the games that the suspended player(s) has participated in may result in a forfeit, and the team may be fined $50.00 per player for every game that the suspended player(s) participates in.


All participants, which includes players, managers, and coaches must have completely registered with the association, and have received their player ID cards, before participating in any league games.

  • All players must present their own player ID cards to the Head Official before entering the pitch.
  • The use of another player's identification card is prohibited.
  • Upon request, players must be able to produce an additional photo ID for verification.
  • Falsification of a player ID card, or illegal use of another player's ID Card, by a player(s) or manager shall result in an immediate RED card and forfeiture of all the games that the player(s) participated in.
    1. The team will be fined $100.00 for each infraction.
    2. The misrepresented player ID card will be confiscated until the fine is paid by the team.
  • Players with missing or lost player ID cards will not be allowed to participate in any game.
    1. Note: Same-day or Rush service, for player ID card generation, is available. Call or send the registrar a message.


Currently, only one game official will be assigned to each 11 v 11 game. Depending on the game matchup, the game official assigner may send more than one referee. Teams are required to pay for the 2nd referee, even if there is no pre-notification of their arrival. The SCFA will do its best to inform teams prior to sending a 2nd referee for their games.

  • Cost: The officials' fee for (11v11) is $40.00 per game, per team. This fee will be paid in the form of cash prior to the start of the game. If there is a 2nd referee, each team will be required to pay $60.
  • Legal action will be sought against any individual who physically attacks a game official.


  • Player Check-in: Players will be required to present their Player ID card to the referee. All players must have an ID card in order to play. Referee will hold on to all ID cards until the end of the game. Players receiving
  • Game Ball: Both teams must furnish a ball that is acceptable by the game official for game play. Each team must have at least two (2) back up balls. A team will forfeit their game if they are unable to produce an acceptable game ball with backup. It will be the referees' discretion whether or not a ball is acceptable.
  • Equipment:
    1. Metal cleats are not acceptable. All players must wear shin guards in order to play
  • Kick-off:
    1. A team that does not show up will automatically receive a forfeit and be responsible for the entire game officials' fees. There will also be $50 no-show penalty
    2. A team that doesn't have enough players (at least 7) at kickoff will also receive a forfeit. However, if after the forfeit is declared, the team is able to round up enough players (e.g., borrowing from the opposing team), a friendly game may be allowed as long as there is mutual agreement between team managers. Each team will still be required to pay their share of the game officials' fees.
    3. Teams are prohibited from "borrowing players" from a previous game even though they may have a player ID card and meet the age requirements or have the other team manager's permission. Any team that borrows a player, not on their roster, will forfeit their game. No exceptions
    4. There will be a 15-minute grace period. If the game cannot be started within 15 minutes, the game official will have the option to declare a forfeit.
  • Non-League Games (Friendlies)
    1. All league rules will be enforced during any friendly games.
    2. All players must have a player ID card in order to participate.
    3. All Red Card rules will still apply regardless if the game is a friendly or an official league game.
    4. Teams will be allowed to borrow players for friendlies only.


  • Yellow Cards: Yellow cards entail an automatic five (5) minute cooling off period. The player may NOT be substituted. If the goalie receives the yellow card, another player may sit out his five minutes.
  • Red Cards: Red Cards are subject to fines and suspensions. Fines are to be paid by the team managers or players to the league office before the next scheduled game. Fines can be paid online, or by dropping off a check at the league office.
  • Substitutions: Unlimited substitutions is permitted during all SCFA sanctioned games (league or cup) with referee approval.
  • Concussions: If a player receives any type of concussion or head injury, as deemed by the referee, the player must sit out the rest of the game unless cleared by a certified healthcare official.
  • Water Breaks: If the environmental temperature exceeds 90°F (32.2C), the referee must give a mandatory 30 sec water break at both the 22nd minute and 67th minute. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Game Termination:
    1. Games will be terminated after 90 minutes.
      1. Exception #1: League Cup games will go automatically into penalty kicks to determine the game winner.
      2. Exception #2: Depending on the location and time, game durations may be reduced to 80 minutes (40 min per half) in order to have sufficient time for penalty kicks.
    2. The game official has pre-authorization to terminate any game if the conditions or environment becomes hazardous to either himself, or anyone participation in the game.
    3. If the game is terminated due to the actions of a player(s), manager, and/or team spectators, then the team at fault will be issued a forfeit for that game regardless of the score at the time of the incident. Additionally, the team will be put on probation and may be fined.
    4. Games terminated due to environmental conditions will be rescheduled except when more than half has been played.
    5. If a fight breaks out during a game, the game official will immediately terminate the game no matter when it occurs.
  • Team Managers are responsible for the conduct of their players and fans.
  • Game Forfeit:
    1. The forfeiting team will be required to pay all officials fees unless otherwise specified.
    2. Fees must be paid before the next schedule game or risk having your game cancelled.
  • Scoring:
    1. Any team winning a regular season game will receive 3 points.
    2. Any regular season game that ends in a tie will remain a tie. Both teams will receive one point.
    3. If a team cancels a regularly scheduled league game, the opposing team will be awarded a 3-0 forfeit victory and three points for the win.
  • Slide Tackling:
    1. Slide tackling is not allowed. It is the referee's discretion to give a verbal warning or administer a Yellow Card. Any infraction of this rule after the 2nd violation will result in a red card.
    2. Every slide tackle shall result in a direct free kick or penalty kick if inside the penalty box.
    3. This rule does not exempt goalkeepers.
    4. Exception: If done in a safe manner, sliding to clear a ball, or to score a goal is allowed per the discretion of the referee.


  • Protests:
    1. All protests must be made before within 24 hours after completion of the game.
    2. In order to file a protest, the following requirements must be met:
      1. Contact must be made to a league official (phone or email)
      2. The protest cannot be based on a "judgment call".
    3. Once submitted, the League's Disciplinary Committee will review the protest and make a final ruling.
  • Cleanup:
    1. Each team manager is responsible for cleaning up after their players before leaving the field.


  • Each team is allowed one game reschedule, without penalty (i.e., loss of points), per season.
    1. Requests for game cancellations must be made no later than 9pm (PST) on the Friday before the game.

Tie Breaker Rules

  • Determination of the final league standings shall be based on the following:
  • 1st Tie Breaker: Total Points
  • 2nd Tie Breaker: Head to Head
  • 3rd Tie Breaker: The team with the greater scoring differential (goals scored - goals allowed)
  • 4th Tie Breaker: Least goals against
  • 5th Tie Breaker: Most goals scored
  • 6th Tie Breaker: Fewest Red Cards
  • 7th Tie Breaker: Coin toss

Facility Use Rules

  • Facility Use Rules
    1. Consumption of alcoholic beverages and smoking at the site or on the grounds of any facility where the game is played is prohibited.
    2. No Foul language
    3. No dogs are allowed at any of our facilities or sanctioned games (Exception: Seeing-eye Dogs).
    4. No personal vehicles are allowed on or around the playing fields.
    5. All participants (players, coaches, managers, etc.) are forbidden from urinating on the field.
      1. Anyone who violates this policy will be suspended from the league for a minimum one season. If the current season is more than half way through, the suspension will include the following season as well.
      2. The associated club will also be subjected to a $100 fine and placed on a 6-month probation
    6. AGBU-AYA Field (Van Nuys, CA)
      1. No one is allowed to park their vehicle in the Doggie Park parking lot. Players can either park across the street (preferred) or next door at the farmers market. We are getting complaints and would like to avoid these issues as best as possible.


  • The 7:15 am kickoff time, at Calabasas HS Stadium, will be strictly enforced. Teams that do not have at least 7 players ready to play at 7:30am, as deemed by the game official, will automatically receive a forfeit and a $25 game delay fee.